2020 February 29th

There’s a new Outreach section to this site! I’ve got a new Patreon, Facebook, and Twitter page, and I’m going to be getting active on social media. I’ve made various changes to various sites, one example being the banner of the pages in the about section of IAMNIVERSE.one, and another being the Жanu section on carltoncole.com. I’ll make a big update video to post on the IAMNIVERSE YouTube channel soon, so I can fill in YouTube subscribers about the big new changes. I’ve been hyping up a monumental update since last August, and it’s almost all here! All I need to do is start making videos, and I’ll get that ball rolling with the update. New sites, new channels, social media activity, and more!

*sigh* I am so happy

I’m peaceful happy... nothing but sighs of a job well done.

At least, well done so far. I have more work to do, and another journey of “being public” and being “put out there” is just beginning.

It’s been a wild ride, and it’s about to get wilder, no Deontay.

2019 December 9th

It...it's alive! My masterful creation is alive!

Rise, colecreations.info! Rise!

I am so, so relieved and happy to have finally finished this site along with some other related stuff that goes with it. It's truly a milestone for me. Sometimes when I’m making something, I feel a bit like a mad scientist, and when it’s finished, I'm all “It’s here! My creation is finished!” Like Doctor Frankenstein and his monster, or even Pinky and the Brain, but in a positive change-the-world kinda way.

That’s how I feel having finally finished building this site how I want it, with the various other updates I did, like making a bunch of new YouTube channels to house more content I'm going to make. I originally built this site earlier this year, and now it’s ‘done’ done, with new banner art, a new font, a slightly different name, with more sections and content. It’s simple, compact, beautiful, and serious-silly yet informative.



In other important news, I’ve somewhat started (not started yet! SOMEWHAT started, lol) to get on social media. I will inevitably turn-up in due time. On Instagram, I recently edited my ancient instagram.com/carltoncole page (sidenote: I'm so happy I caught that screen name when I did back in the day, when IG started to get popular. It lines things up so perfectly now.). I’m not sure how I’ll approach getting back on social media, because I don’t use a smart phone, and I’m not obsessed with selfies or photos of myself in general. My lifestyle right now is such that, that kind of thing isn’t a focus and hasn’t been for years/since high school/that one semester in college. I’m just enjoying my 20’s before I pass that ultimate point of no return, lol.

Anyways, more on my IG steez: I don’t have a smart phone, so I can’t check DMs, and I’ll probably only update now and then with a post or two. I mention this because as inactive as my social media accounts are, I’ve had various people reach out through them, casually as well as commercially. IG is different because I don’t have easy access to DMs, so I can easily picture folks getting frustrated as to why I don’t reply—I’m not trying to play you; I simply haven’t seen what you sent. This will change in the future.

MORE BIG NEWS: I finally kinda-finished a few websites I’ve been meaning to build. I added a newly created site to the project’s list, divinitydiet.life, and newlifespan.xyz is now with content. I’ve been working so damn hard, I even kinda-finished a public demo on curing disease, which I’m featuring on the new lifespan and MRP sites.

I’ve still got more things to do before I get my videos poppin’—I’ve got so much work to do, and although it takes time to manifest, I love it because it’s all just raw, uncut fun. Actually, it’s not always that fun but you know what I mean.

I feel blessed to have so many gifts to give those who enjoy my work.

This process has been a grand-yet-humbling journey of self-discovery,

and a challenging, profound exercise of unyielding service to others.