Lessons in Consciousness

Lessons in Consciousness is just that—me teaching clients about consciousness mechanics related topics, one-on-one or in group fashion. However, this service goes well beyond CM topics, and I use all my years of expertise in the various subjects I’m knowledgeable in to personally, uniquely go over anything desired. One topic I help people with is depression transformation; my first client was a professional psychotherapist inquiring about my techniques for helping people transform depression for her own clients. I work with people personally to integrate new perspectives, and give them clear, logical explanations about the unclear and seeming illogical—I help turn “metaphysics” to physics, and “the supernatural” to just natural.

Custom CM Videos

I make custom consciousness mechanics videos, as a fundraiser for the MRP test. CM videos take literally two weeks to make, and are a brilliant way to experience new perspectives about the nature of human consciousness, and the structure of its reality experience. I personalize custom CM videos to the client, beyond them choosing a unique topic.

Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is a fundraiser for MRP as well. In either half a month or a full month, I personally work with an individual to learn and experience a vast array of topics regarding the human condition, and what this sojourn is from a soul perspective. Simply put, the world is the way it is for many, MANY reasons, and there is a grand agenda afoot as to where humanity is headed, where we are, where we come from, and why. I not only unravel the basics of this fascinating destiny, I also explain how you can unlock your own natural, multidimensional capacity for experiencing more of what life is (unlocking the potentials of the human brain and mind).


One of my passions is the notion of “perfect health.” Upon my quest, I stumbled upon that fact that basically all human disease is caused by a toxin or pathogen. Detox already exists, but what I newly created is depath. Health is the state of toxicity and pathogen colonization of a specific body, and to get even more fundamental, the matter of the human body functions like magnets, and all disease is the state of the magnets being misaligned with its blueprint (DNA) for some reason, such as due to toxic chemicals, viruses, bacteria, radiation, and so forth, which all function magentically themselves. I did a public demonstration upon myself to demonstrate its efficacy, by giving myself various diseases and curing them, and I am now open to public testing for a possible cure for cancer. MRP is the Magnetic Realignment Process, and is a service I’m offering to cure disease. I will be administering the test, and if all goes well I will be supervising more tests and MRP centers to help more people.