Anchored Tech is a small technology production company, offering useful inventions to the public. And by small, I mean it. It’s a one-man show. Not a mom and pop, just pop. I’ll be using my connection to higher dimensions of mind, such as the realms of imagination and dreams, to anchor down technology into the physical world that we all can use.

A site about me, for those curious. I was actually thinking about using a more creative gTLD than “.com,” but for my whole life was taken, and as synchronicity would have it, THE EXACT DAY I intended to have a personal website, the domain was available.

Also, one thing I’ve gotta say is that I’ve worked online for many years with no personal website, almost no online pictures or active social media—I’m not a “Hey everybody look at me! It’s all about me, me, me!” type person. I like the age-old adage “focus on the message not the messenger.” As of March 25th 2019, I can happily state that I’ll enter the fray and “put myself out there” more and more, using social media. Things have been slow-going for various reasons I’ll explain on the site, but everything will pick up in due time.

Well golly gee wilikers you’re already there! Can you believe it, you’re right here! Well don’t be shy, how’ya doing? Breathing well? Is the air favorable? Well good on ya! Keep on keeping on! *Should be read/said/heard/etc. in a cheerful, stereotypically “granola” suburban accent.*

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PROTIP #2(4TW): This site and every site listed has its own unique hightlighted text format, check’em out! (I had to mention this because it took time to make them all and I’m not letting all that time spent be for nothing lol.)

The Divinity Diet is a tool used for balancing one’s body into a state of health. It is the perfect diet for the human structure, and is based off of the natural logic of human experience, such as the fact that humans are a type of advanced catarrhine having fingers perfectly designed for picking fruits, leaves, and nuts, as all apes do.

I speak a lot about curing disease, and knowledge of this diet is crucial to achieving even a modicum of long-lasting results. This is what the common personal quest of “what is truly healthy food, because mainstream ideas make no sense” ultimately concludes to, because this diet isn’t an arbitrary fad based off the random whims of pop culture. As all things based upon the structure of physical reality, this diet wasn’t “invented”—it already existed, and was thus observed then made clear through declaration.

Where it all began.

Where consciousness mechanics was born.

*Sheds a tear of joy.*

MRP stands for Magnetic Realignment Process. In brief, the body is a bunch of magnets, and what you do to it can keep it in proper alignment with its natural structure, as dictated by one’s DNA blueprint. When the body is forced out of alignment, whether by food, viruses, certain kinds of radiation, etc., you get all the spectrum of diseases—common and exotic, mental and physical. MRP is a possible remedy, and involves testing for a cancer cure specifically, as an initial trial of its effectiveness.

This sorta-kinda goes along with MRP. I have knowledge that the human life span, as commonly lived since at least 3000 BC, has been extremely truncated, and that there is a way to release ourselves from this unnatural limit. Long story short (pun intended), humans can live to 400 if we make certain drastic (extremely drastic) lifestyle changes. This website is all about this new awakening to what we naturally are. The gTLD “.xyz” was chosen because it symbolizes living to the end of the natural human lifespan as the end of the alphabet. Compared to how long humans have been living normally, it’d be .efg.

Also, just thought I’d throw this in there, no tribe or indigenous culture that I know of is doing the proper method of living to the 400-year-old-mark. This truncated lifespan is a theme for humanity as a whole. And no, you won’t look super wrinkled with grey hair, like how most look at 100. If you look that way now, that stuff will be able to be reversed easily in the future.

A person with even an ounce of compassionate awareness towards others can clearly see there are some major global challenges. We all have ideas about how we could make the world a better place. Luckily, Earth is a physical, quantifiable thing, and the obvious problems the world faces are not amorphous ideas with no solution—they are physical circumstances being physically created by the collective. Here is an outlet for what many consider to be problems of the world and their physically doable solutions. Technically this is about solving humanity’s problems, because Earth would do just fine without us, but some would interpret “problem solving humanity” as a bit too grandiose a label. Plus, billions of people have been raised to see themselves and others as a flawed creation put here to fuck up, so not focusing on judging humans as problematic is a good first step. If you have an activist spirit, check this out!

Spirit is the bigger, tangible aspect of mind. When you close your eyes and envision, whether it be a memory, an object, or a full-blown day dream, you are witnessing a direct demonstration of spirit. That mental imagery isn’t “nothing,” and although many pop-culture scientists enjoy pretending we’re just soulless robots, we’re not. We have souls. Spirit is as real and tangible as the words you are reading before you, but is so “not-dense,” it makes air seem like concrete. There is an actual substance to it, which I explain in my book Navigating the Matrix. It’s a type of self-aware light-fog material that is fully quantifiable, and is what you perceive in dreams. Spirit Seers is an organization of lovely folks that have mastered perceiving this higher-dimensional light material. You live after you die. Check it out!

Comedy, music, acting, painting, the whole shabangabang.

Ghetto scientists have speculated it’s finna be g’d up and t’d up.

About the domain name “”… that will be explained on the site ;)